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Why You Need A Domain Name

You have probably heard the term domain name thrown around and maybe you aren’t familiar with what it is or why it is important. A domain is essentially your brand’s identity. For instance, you know us as undaunted and you’re able to get to our website using is our domain, comparable to our store’s postal address. Domains are also used for email addresses ( is our email).

Registering your domain

The first step that we recommend when establishing an online presence is purchasing your domain name. Registering a domain for your business or big idea keeps competitors or other people from stealing it and using it to push traffic to themselves, driving down your business. Anyone is able to register a domain by going to a provider, such as Undaunted.

When purchasing a domain name, you will notice that there are numerous TLDs (top level domains) to choose from. A few popular TLD examples are .com, .net, .co, .tv or .org.

A better domain name will lower your lifetime marketing costs.
– Frank Schilling

Finding your domain

Finding the right domain name can be challenging. A domain needs to be short and simple so users can remember the name and avoid typos. Your domain name should reflect your brand or product. We recommend coming up with a list of relevant domain ideas and then using our domain registration lookup tool to search availability.

Domain Name Registration

First, you will want to put your desired name into the field and click search. Our tool will then search to see if that domain is available for purchase. As seen below, our domain lookup tool will notify you if the domain is taken as well as give you an option to lookup who owns the domain. The WHOIS button may be useful if you want to reach out and offer to buy the domain from the owner.

Since the above domain was taken, you will want to move on and search your next domain idea. As seen below, our second domain choice is available. Now you can click the “BUY” button and you will be redirected to our client area to proceed with check out.

Web Hosting for your domain

Congratulations on purchasing your domain! Since you have your domain name purchased, you will need to purchase website hosting for your website to live on. Picture the domain name as your address and web hosting as the plot of land to build on. There are endless amounts of options for web hosting in the world, however a lot of hosts leave you to figure it out yourself. At Undaunted we offer a truly unique selection of products and services. We understand how time consuming it is to run a business, so we want to take some of the pressure off of you. Undaunted is able to do everything from website development and design to managed webhosting and website management. With our truly unique website management packages we will do security updates to your website as well as content updates for you.

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