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In today’s society, cyber crimes are becoming frequent. As a result, a customer’s trust and safety is the most important thing to keep in mind when providing services online. That’s where SSL certificates come in.

SSL Certificates are used to keep user data secure, website owner verification and also helps prevent attackers from creating fake versions of your website to steal data from customers. A SSL certificate is required to use HTTPS, which encrypts traffic. Using HTTPS paired with a SSL helps keep data safe and secure. Examples of protected data:

  • Credit card transactions
  • Credentials
  • Documents
  • Addresses and Phone numbers

By implementing proper encryption, you can mitigate risks of customer’s data getting breached as well as earn trust with users. SSL certificates from trusted brands are a must! Undaunted will even help with installation!

Earn trust with SSL Certificates

Build Trust

An SSL adds a padlock next to your web address, letting visitors know you value their security.

SSL Certificates are better for SEO

Better for SEO

Did you know that having a SSL certificate actually helps your ranking on Google?

We'll install your SSL Certificates


Now that you know the importance of a SSL. We've got you covered with installation!

Name Validation Type Price Purchase

Essential SSL Certificate

DV $24.00/yr Order yours!

EssentialSSL Wildcard

DV $133.50/yr Order yours!

Comodo PositiveSSL

DV $11.25/yr Order yours!

Comodo PositiveSSL Wildcard

DV $124.50/yr Order yours!

Sectigo SSL

DV $82.50/yr Order yours!

Sectigo SSL Wildcard

DV $262.50/yr Order yours!

Comodo PositiveSSL Multi-Domain

DV $29.25/yr Order yours!

PositiveSSL EV

EV $135.00/yr Order yours!

If you don’t see the certificate you’re after above, toss us a message. We offer most certificates on the market!

30 Day money back

If it isn't the right fit, you can request a refund within your first 30 days for hosting services!

Build and protect your brand

Decrease the risk of sensitive information being stolen or tampered with an SSL certificate.